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FAQ - Utility Services

Q:What services are covered under this vertical ?
Ans: The services are designed to make day to day management of things easy for your family members. These services include bill payments, grocery deliveries, security arrangements, property management and maintenance, document facilitation & procurement in India and legal services. Q: In one package, how many bills would be covered?
Ans: Sahara Care House bill payment service consists of the following three options
• Single order – Payment of a single bill
• Monthly Package – Payment of maximum 4 bills
• Yearly Package – Payment of maximum of 50 bills
Q: How will the company collect the bills from house of the family member?
Ans: Once the request is forwarded to Sahara Care House, it will depute a Relationship Ambassador for the assignment who will call the family member to confirm his availability and accordingly collect the bill. The order for the service has to be placed at a minimum of 48 hours before the payment date.
Q: Is there any provision for online bill payment through Sahara Care Portal?
Ans: No, there is no provision for online payment.
Q: In case if a tax bill has not been sent by the development authorities, but the due date is known to the consumer, will Sahara Care House help in getting the bill from the authorities?
Ans: Sahara Care House is a facilitator for submitting the bills to the respective departments hence; it has therefore no role to play in acquiring the bills from the concerned authorities. However, Sahara Care House can assist the family member in procuring the bill through our ‘relationship ambassador on demand’ service.

Property Management / Renting

Q: How many options of houses will be made available by Sahara Care House to choose from?
Ans: The first seven options will be given to the Member free of charge. Any subsequent options will be chargeable.


Q: Who negotiates the prices of the house?
Ans: The Member will communicate the price of the property to Sahara Care House who will then initiate the dialogue between the Member and the identified real estate associate. Further negotiations will then be between the Member and the buyer. Q: Does the company help in making the correct evaluation of the property so as to get the best rate?
Ans: Sahara Care House has a wide and efficient network of real estate associates who will provide us the best rates after evaluating the property on the basis of prevailing market rates.
Q: What role does the company have in completing legal formalities for the sale?
Ans: The company can arrange for a legal advisor if requested by the Member to complete the legal formalities.


Q: Does the company check the condition of the property before suggesting it to the member?
Ans: Since the role of the company is that of a facilitator, we will provide the proposals to the Members on best efforts basis. The deal will be finalised only after both the parties are satisfied & have checked the condition of the property.

Property Maintenance (Plumbing, Painting, Water proofing, Pest Control, carpentry, Electrical work)

Q: What is the mode of service?
Ans: The service will be delivered through Sahara Care House‘s local vendors.

Q: If the job is not up to the mark, whose responsibility will it be? The Company or the vendor?
Ans: It will be the responsibility of the Vendor

Q: If the work under process is not satisfactory can the service be stopped in between and the vendor be changed?
Ans: If it is found that the vendor is unable to provide satisfactory services, the vendor can be changed.

Q: How many times in a year can these services be availed if one such package is taken?
Ans: Under the preventive home maintenance package there is a provision of 12 orders in a year.

Q: Is this service a kind of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for the property?
Ans: Yes, it is.

Relocation Service

Q: What is the role of company in the service?
Ans: When an order is placed by the Member for relocation, the Relationship Ambassador will visit the specified premises with the vendor and supervise the packing, loading at source followed by transportation. The Relationship Ambassador may accompany the vendor in case of relocation to another city on request by the Member.
Q: What is the guarantee for safety of the goods in transit?
Ans: Insurance
Q: Does the service cover insurance of items under transit?
Ans: Yes, on extra payment of insurance premium as applicable.
Q: Does the service cover packing and unpacking of items?
Ans: The service covers only packing, however unpacking can be done on demand basis.
Q: How is the traveling of family members coordinated along with the goods as they might be traveling separately?
Ans: This is not the part of the relocation service we render. We can suggest the Member to take Relationship Ambassador on demand service to accompany the goods if required.
Document & Certificate Facilitation in India

PAN Application

Q: Will the company help in submitting the form at the office?
Ans: Sahara Care House with the help of Relationship Ambassador will submit the form in the concerned office.
Q: Will there be any assistance in filling the required information in the form?
Ans: The Relationship Ambassador will only assist in submitting the forms. In case any assistance is required in filling up the forms, a Chartered Accountant can be arranged who will do the needful.


Q: Will there be any assistance in filling the required information in the form?
Ans: Information has to be filled in by the applicant.

Q: Will there be any assistance in getting clearances from local authorities i.e. police station etc?
Ans: No

Issuance of Certificates

Q: In case the documents required for issuing the certificates are with the Member overseas, how can the company assist in getting the certificates issued?
Ans: SAHARA CARE HOUSE cannot circumvent any documentary or procedural requirement. All requirements must be adhered to, supporting documents must be arranged for by the Member.

Q: In some cases the issuing office may say that the certificate would be sent by post. This would take more time. In such case how can the company help?
Ans: Issuing of documents is subject to procedures of the concerned Department. The company cannot go beyond that.

Notarization and Attestation of Documents

(Transcription, notarization, attestation)

Q: In case of notarization, original documents are required. How does the company manage to get these documents from the Member nominee?
Ans: Issuance of any document needs supporting documents without which the task cannot be completed. These documents would have to be provided by the family member in India

Security Services

Q: Is there provision for security guards to be positioned at the house? If yes then how many guards at a time will be placed?
Ans: Yes, the vendor visits the specified address and evaluates the number of security guards required and the kind of security that needs to be positioned at the residence.

Q: Will the guard be armed or not? If yes, then which arm?
Ans: Yes, Security guards are either Baton Guard Security or Gun Man Guard security.

Q: Does the guard carry the license for the arm?
Ans: Yes..
Q: Does this package also provide any insurance coverage?
Ans: No.


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