Patient’s  Feedback
Mr. Murrey from Schotland visited India for his treatment of Vasectomy Reversal on 10th December 06. His treatment was successfully done at Apollo Hospitals- New Delhi. After the procedure patient along with his wife stayed in India for 7 days during which they did shopping in Delhi and were amazed to see Taj Mahal. According to Mr. Murrey “ We never thought there are such good hospitals available in this part of the world with latest technology and wonderful doctors, I along with my wife would like to thank Sahara Global for making all the necessary arrangements for them (Hospital , Hotel and Travel Arrangements). When we go back and if we have a daughter I would like to name Her as [INDIA] and would like to come back to India with the family for a visit. I would definitely recommend the services offered by Sahara Global to the people who wishes to get their medical treatment done. Its cheap but its world class treatment, nothing less than what we have back at home”.
Ms. Neal & Roberts from UK visited India for their Tummy Tuck procedure at Fortis Hospitals – Mohali. During their visit to India they managed to see Taj Mahal prior to their procedure. Which they found was simply magnificent ! Their procedure went well at the hospital and they just do not stop making praise for Dr. Kapoor at Fortis hospital and Sahara Global for making all necessary arrangements from them, right from their pick up from International Airport, New Delhi till the time they were dropped back after their Successful procedure. According to them” When we go back to our country we will recommend the services and care we got from Sahara Global representatives. We must say India is the destination to come for good medical procedure at affordable cost. We really liked the hospitality and care we received at each place we went, It was all managed very well, good luck and best wised to Team – Sahara Global
Mr. Michel Walker, 62 year old UK national saw the brighter world for the first time in his life after his surgery in India which was facilitated by Sahara medical. After watching Sahara medical TV commercial on sky channel UK, Mike visited our website and contacted our UK office, who took up his case and forwarded his reports and medical history to the office in India. Mike’s case was discussed with Top doctors for medical advice & he was simply delighted to know the price quoted . Leaders in medical tourism Sahara Medical organized his entire wellness trip from UK to India and back. His pre scheduled surgery at Malta was costing him 5000 pounds but finally he has seen a whole new world including the seventh wonder of the world –the Taj in just under 2500 pounds. He was operated upon at Sir Ganga Ram Hosptial, New Delhi by Dr Grover & Dr. Shalu Bageja. After the successful treatment he said " I had never thought I could see the world so clearly, I would like to thank Team - Sahara Medical for helping me in my treatment and holding my hands where ever I went, I would also like to thank Sahara Medical for suggesting me the trip to Taj Mahal few days after the surgery, it is a sight to see, one should not miss after coming in to north of India, specially after I could see the clear world for the first time, I would like to wish Sahara Medical a success to keep on delivering the best of the services always to everyone coming over to India for the treatment".
Mr Morre visited India for their Face lift & Gynecomastia procedure, Mr. Morre came to India all the way from Spain and underwent the same treatment at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Procedure went very well and the couple seems more than happy to get the whole trip under GBP 4000 According to the him " My trip to India as broader view has been great, there has been some difficulties on arrival at the International Airport, as we were taking the connecting flight from UK to Chandigarh. But treatment and support service offered by Sahara Medical has been great, every one took care of me at the hospital and my on my discharge my hotel was booked so that I can relax and rejuvenate during my post hospitalization time". I am thankful to everyone and wishes team - Sahara Medical and Fortis Healthcare good luck.
Mr. Martin visited India from UK in the month of April and underwent treatment for Gastric Bypass at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, New Delhi under the supervision of Dr. Chaubey, Treatment underwent very well and he stayed in India for another 10 days post treatment for recovery in on of the finest 5 star hotels in Delhi. Post treatment Mr. Martin also went to see Taj Mahal organized by Sahara Medical. Total package to India along with treatment and hotel accommodation did cost him approx. 4000 pounds but still manages to save around 4000 pounds if he would have plan to do in UK. According to him “I am thankful to Sahara Medical & Dr. Chaubey, for organizing my medical treatment and post recovery hotel accommodation, I never thought I could ever loose weight but I still managed to do so after my successful treatment. I had lost 6 Kgs before I went back to UK from India. I would like to thank everyone for providing me the best of the services”.
Mr. Cristina from UK visited India (Goa) for the holiday with her family and also planned to undergo facelift procedure, the treatment was done at Alcon Victor hospital – Goa, and she stayed in Goa for 2 months before going back to her respected country, according to her “Cosmetic surgery along with my holiday to beautiful beaches of Goa, I am thankful to Sahara Medical and Ms. Edna at Alcon Victor Hospital- Goa for organizing my treatment and taking care of me with the best of the services”. I would highly recommend Sahara Medical and Alcon Victor hospital for people who are thinking of coming over to India for the treatment”.
Ms. Michelle from UK visited India for the cosmetic surgery (Breast Augmentation) at Alcon Victor hospital organized by Sahara Medical, Her procedure went very well along with her stay in Goa for 20 days post treatment, and she had to stay in the city for recovery, the beautiful beaches of South Goa gave and beautiful experience, according to her “My surgery went very well, with best of the cosmetic surgeons at the hospital recommended by Sahara Medical I am very satisfied with the procedure, my stay in Goa was excellent and cosmetic treatment along with beautiful south goa beaches for recovery is out of the world experience, I would like to thank everyone for just about everything in India”.
Ms. Rebecca came to India for the Face Lift procedure facilitated by Sahara Medical at Fortis hospital, Mohali. Treatment at the Fortis hospital went excellent and more than her expectation, being an healthcare professional herself she compared the medical services in India as compared to Australia, according to her "the medical services in India are excellent and not less then facilities available in my country, the support services offered by Sahara Medical are excellent, no complaints, right from Airport pick late at night, arrangements at the hospital, hotel booking, local shopping, site seeing and personalized concierge services. I will surely recommend “Sahara Medical” to all those who are planning to visit India for their medical treatment".