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FAQ - Healthcare Services

Q: What services are included under Healthcare Services?  
Ans : Healthcare services consists of Individual Healthcare Services and Preventive Healthcare packages. 
Q: What is the duration for availing the Preventive Healthcare Packages? 
Ans : These packages are available for a maximum of one (01) year from the order date except for Antenatal Care Plan which is for a period of nine (09) months from the order date. 
Q: What kind of medicines can be arranged in Medicine Delivery Service?  
Ans : All medicines that are available at the local medical shop and supported by a medical prescription by a doctor can be arranged for through this service. 
Q: Can the medicines be arranged without the Doctor’s prescription?  
Ans : No, medicines cannot be arranged without the Doctor’s prescription. 
Q: If the medicines are not available would they be arranged from a neighboring city or somewhere else?  
Ans : Yes, we can arrange the medicines from a neighboring city if it is not available locally but actual charges for transportation & others have to be borne by the end user. 
Q: Are there any additional expenses apart from the cost of the package in Preventive Health Care Packages? 
Ans : All checkup charges/ consultancy charges as mentioned in the package are included in the cost of package. However, the consumer will bear cost of checkup other than that mentioned in the package, the cost of medicines and other items used for treatment if any. 
Q: Any discounts available for high end user?  
Ans : Sahara Care House offers up to 10% off to its Silver members on all the listed services (excluding shopping services). Any other discounts if available/applicable would get reflected on the website accordingly from time to time. 
Q: Is there co-pay for doctor visit, medicine and hospitalization?  
Ans : Hospitalization - Doctor visit and medicine covered [Expenses on vitamins, tonics if not directly related with the treatment will not be covered.] 


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